SoCal Ta-Ta 2014


After taking a year off for the America’s Cup, the SoCal Ta-Ta was back in 2014 with another week of as-good-as-it-gets sailing. Charter guests Scott, Mark, Charlie, and Simon enjoyed a week of spinnaker runs between the SoCal coast and the Channel Islands while polishing their downwind driving skills.


The travel plan alternated between half-day reaches between destinations (usually 20-25 miles) and days spent enjoying SoCal’s harbors and island anchorages while socializing with the rest of the Ta-Ta fleet. This year’s itinerary in a nutshell:

  • Mon 9/8: Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz Island
  • Tue: Lay day exploring Santa Cruz Island
  • Wed: Sail to Channel Islands Harbor; evening party
  • Thu: Sail to Paradise Cove in Malibu
  • Fri: Sail to Catalina Island
  • Sat: Lay day and pot-luck BBQ in Catalina

This is one of the finest sailing experiences around—just look at the smile on Charlie’s face!


You won’t want to miss next year’s Ta-Ta.

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One Response to SoCal Ta-Ta 2014

  1. Pablo says:

    Great photos Jared! I won’t miss the next one!